Studio C&G Inc.

no Goliath too great

Web and user experience design
for businesses ready to slay giants


Growth, profitability, and long-term value: that’s where you see your business. The only thing that stands in your way is manifesting and validating your idea: a gargantuan feat when you’re not a corporate giant. Imagine a validated and seamless user experience, being recognized for your value-adding idea, and staying ahead of the giants without all of the stress of figuring it yourself. Be the business kicking ass and taking names because there is #nogoliathtoogreat.

What we do

  • Super fun and engaging design workshops that define and visualize your most pressing online challenges
  • Field-tested prototypes that result in impactful user feedback and design backed by science
  • Custom-built, online solutions for your ecommerce, corporate, professional, or personal website



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client REVIEWS

“Our experience with Studio C&G has been exceptional since our start with them in 2015. Gabe co-founder of Studio C&G has been incredibly personable and dedicated to helping us build our brand. Through their work with our logo, business cards, folders, social media, and website our company has gained a fresh and professional image, that has been admired by many in our industry. We are very pleased with the work Studio C&G has provided, and we look forward to work on future projects with C&G”
– Oscar

“Studio C&G has provide quality work and a affordable rate. When tasked with designing a website and new logo Gabe had ideas ready for me with in the week.
Star Valley Drilling is very happy with the work provided and we have given many recommendations.

Star Valley Drilling will continue working with Gabe and Studio C&G.”

– Matt Charron

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