Sept 20, 2018

Full time Marketing Squad, Part time Music Jammers

SCG is so excited to announce that we have launched our Spotify Playlists for all those hard-working badass peeps out there! There’s something for everyone in this mix and you’ll soon hear the different flavors each of us brought to the table!

Why a playlist, you might ask? As a team, we love music. It keeps us connected, gets up going, and helps us communicate in a way that goes beyond words. More than music itself, we love to share our favorite tunes, whether it’s an R&B classic or a new EDM hit, someone on the team has a song for whatever we are trying to accomplish. Why would we keep these fresh and classic song finds to ourselves?

Our first list can be found on Spotify as “SCG Vol. 1 – Power Tracks for Powerhouses”.

These songs were specially picked by all of us to motivate you to tackle the longest to-do lists in the office or inspire you to get things done while you’re on the go. Now go plug in those headphones or connect up that speaker and blast it as loud as you can.

Look out on the 3rd Thursday of every month for the newest list. Go get it!

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