Oct 4, 2018

HOW TO: Fixing Your Business’ Marketing Chaos

Owning a business is hard AF. There is no getting around the passion and the hustle needed to make your new baby (called a business) shine! And no matter how exhilarating it feels to bring new products to the market, the pressure to be perfect can be terrifying! How can we guarantee you’re set up for success?

You want to make sure you have best branding, social media campaigns, and kickass webpage out there to rise above your competitors. But the reality is, it’s extremely time consuming for entrepreneurs like yourself to do it all alone, so that’s when you reach out to the freelancers of the industry to help out.

You hire The Social Media Specialist, The Copywriter, The Website Developer, and The Designer. All these people claim to be experts at their specialty, what could possibly go wrong when you have all the parts you need? You can finally relax and focus on other parts of the business while your freelancers go on and get it done!

We all wish it could be that simple! Sadly, what you thought would be a weight off your shoulders turns into a disaster you never signed up for. What was the piece that made this go sideways? Let’s break it down.


Find the Right Chemistry

Picture this: you are in the stages of securing the first clients for your business – you are phoning and emailing all day to ensure this deal goes smoothly. But now they are asking why your website isn’t up, even though your business card had the URL on it.

But wait, you were told by The Developer that it was going live 2 days ago? You call up The Web Developer, but they aren’t answering. Did The Copywriter get the final copy to them in time? You email The Copywriter and it bounces back stating she is away on a 2 week holiday. What do you tell your future client now? You don’t want to look unprofessional, but maybe you already do!

No one has time for that crap, the calling, the emailing, the keeping tabs on whether or not your freelancers are talking. It’s a waste of your time and it’s especially stressful with other business operations on the go. When you work with an all-inclusive agency. you have one contact that is heavily involved in all parts of the marketing plan so there won’t be any frustrating follow up emails to every single freelancer or games of phone tag with The Web Developer or Copywriter. Imagine blinking and surprise! All the deliverables you asked for are made on time without you having to be the middleman ensuring its going to plan. Spend more time carrying out other business operations, like closing that client, with confidence!


Ditch the Mix and Match Approach

Woohoo! Now it’s time for some event marketing and you need the materials to go with it. The Designer asked for the brand voice and style guide for the flyers and banners they are creating for your event. Uh oh, you start panicking inside because you don’t have either of those things! You know The Web Developer used a color and font on your site, but it’s clearly different than the one on your business card. Aghh! You really want to nail this event to create a lasting impression on the visitors! Your putting something together for The Designer and hope for the best.

You get the final material from the Designer and the colors aren’t the same shade as anything else you have and the Facebook posts about the event made by The Social Media Specialist make you sound like a bakeshop when you are really an oil drilling company. Absolutely nothing flows or makes sense, even to you: the business owner! Great. But you thought you found all the best people for the job, how could this be happening?

Similar to financial reporting or budgeting, marketing is an effort that that needs to be looked at from all angles. Does everything you produce look and feel unified? When you sound or look like three different brands, your consumers will question the confidence they had in your product. Are you really who they think you are?

Your marketing strategy needs to create harmony with all parts of your business and it can be missed when you have individuals tackling different tasks for the same project. But, when The Designer and The Social Media Specialist are on the same team, there is connection that will support a unified message for your unique company!


Know your Returns and Spend Smarter

Finally, its nearing the end of Q1, but numbers aren’t where you forecasted them to be. You lay out all parts of your plan trying to pinpoint the problem. Was it The Social Media Specialist’s strategy? Was it the website and Google Adword choices? Breaking it down is impossible when you have each Specialist claiming that their part was executed perfectly. And maybe they are right, but that doesn’t help you at all! You’re flustered because you need Q2 to make up for the losses and know that continuing with the current plan isn’t going to cut it.

Measuring your ROI from marketing efforts isn’t simple, even though it is the driver for sales. This is complicated even more when every specialist concentrates solely on their own contributions, when you know that every piece has to work together to drive success. When you have a team with you that is involved in all areas of the plan, they are able to investigate into the root of the problem and create a new plan of attack. That all inclusive Marketing team will monitor each piece as part of the whole to understand what reaches and relates to your consumers best!


Choose a Marketing Super Squad

Simply having the separate marketing pieces completed isn’t enough to generate sales; it just creates disjointed parts that lack unity and common direction. Businesses become even more complicated when you try to do it alone and making a sale more complicated than it needs to be is inefficient and time consuming. Though you might have hired all these specialists so that you can have more control over the process, that process needs to be managed, nurtured, and directed by an expert to be effective for your business.

Having a single agency lead your marketing efforts is the most effective way to ensure that you stay on track while reducing overhead and frustration. By working with an agency, you can expect:
Efficient communication;
Simplified planning ;
Consistent branding;
Stable accountability; and
Monitored returns.

In order to do this correctly, you need a team of experts that can create and execute a cohesive marketing strategy. Let Studio C&G be the squad that makes it all come to life. Skip all those marketing blood, sweat and tears – we got you and we will work together to get it done! Contact us today and let’s get a conversation going about how we can help your business crush it!

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