February 7, 2019

Coffee and Phone Calls vs Online Marketing: Which is Really Better?

This is truly the question of our times, and if we are being honest – this could be one of the toughest landscapes to navigate when it comes to running any sort of business.  Episodes of Mad Men tell tales of long ago when clients were wine and dined, relationships were cultivated, and marketing of pretty much any kind was left to the professionals that created that world to begin with.

Old school new school

Social media and the internet has transformed marketing potential into a shape that is barely recognizable any longer.  Considered necessary to anybody trying to promote anything, online marketing exists without any true rules to help govern who is doing what and how: and if this is the wild west of advertising, there is a proverbial buffet of weapons to choose from when it comes time to draw.  There is an air of DIY when it comes to online marketing, and it is complimented eagerly with agencies who offer social media marketing packages that can range in the thousands of dollars. The platforms for which people advertise on happily have their hands in any business’s pocket who are trying to get noticed.  Google itself owns %71 of the world’s search market share, so naturally %97 of their total revenue comes from advertising alone. With that kind of monopoly, any business would be doomed not to consider Google in its strategies.

But does this imply that the days of phone calls and coffee meetings are behind us?  If there is one thing that social media struggles to authentically deliver, it is the personability that comes with a face-to-face or voice-to-voice interaction.  There was a natural benefit to those sorts of crossing-of-paths: being able to read facial expressions, hear the inclinations in a client’s voice, lend a sense of compassion and understanding.  It is natural that, in some ways, these methods still very much apply. The unavoidable fact, however, is that time has become a valuable commodity. Booking a coffee or even a phone call without promise of a fruitful future relationship is not worth the effort to many.  Convenience has become king, and while some people still value the personal touch, they are put off by the need to physically deliver, or be delivered to in a way that might be time consuming in the least.

Online presence, though, can be a bit of a stab in the dark, followed by a flashlight of analytics.  It is because of this wonderment of accessibility that the bank of possibilities can make just about anyone feel diluted in the mix.   Phone calls and coffee might seem passe but now welcomes anyone who has the time and appreciation for a personal interaction.

Do what’s comfortable

All we can really do is highlight the grey areas in a seemingly black and white world of digital media and personable meetings.  In our attempts to reach others, to influence their buying powers, and to make ourselves known, it is paramount that we not only consider all angles but also appeal to marketing challenges with a higher sense of adaptability.  Rule nothing out, marry yourself to no one method, and always always remember that at the end of the day we are all still just humans attempting to communicate with other humans.

Be sure to find the right balance for yourself in 2019! There is no hard and fast rule to what’s better for your business and it’s important to figure out what works for your market and your personality. Need some guidance? Let’s grab a coffee! With over 20 years of combined marketing, design, and production experience, we can help you and your team figure out what’s best for your unique sales and how to prepare for it. Contact us today for more helpful advice on how you can make the most of 2019!

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