February 22, 2019

Top 3 Design Trends for 2019

Graphic design is an art form constantly in flux. Each year it gets more creative and dynamic as artists utilize their tools to form and shape the visual worlds around us in engaging and innovative ways. This year, we can already see the trends emerging, and each one is exciting in its own unique right delivering the messages and the aesthetics we are all yearning to experience.
Let’s explore the top 3 visual trends of 2019.

3D designs and an integration of typography

by Tomasz Lechociński

Why not take what we know, the visual familiarity of everyday objects, and reconstruct them in ways that are perhaps a little more challenging to digest. In this 3D world of realism-meets-abstract we are left with wonder and even nonsensical abandonment, making the overall content appealing in the best possible way. What is beautiful about this methodology is that the audience is provided with a view of the subject that injects multiple angles. What would normally be considered 2 dimensional is built up into pieces that demand an exploration of the eye. Apply this ideal to typography and we are left with an embellishment that is a symphony to look at with a direct message that is difficult to forget.

Modern – mid century modern styles

Let’s face it, original content is hard to come by these days. But you cannot blame creators for addressing design needs through the art of reinvention itself. Take an old style and make it new again with the modern-mid century. The audience will either cultivate a sense of profound nostalgia in the retro throwbacks, or marvel at the novelty of it because they are too young to appreciate the references. This mid-century foundation was a time of 2D delivery – when printing on screens was the latest in technology giving and 3D options no platform for which to stand. What better way to capture attention than to leave people wondering ‘what time period is this from’. It’s beautiful, it’s simplistic, and it is super hot right now.

Asymmetrical Layouts

image source from Culture PL

If balance and order is your ‘thing’, you are living in the past. Thinking out side of the box means not contemplating a box to begin with, which is why asymmetrical design is dropping roots in creative aesthetic. Attract attention by remaining off balance, creating compelling images that leave the eye lingering and struggling to bring order to the canvas. Asymmetrical design layouts, when done well, achieve what other layouts cannot. The brain revels in its ability to finish an image on its own, contemplating what balance would look like if it were present – leaving the asymmetrical designs as an interactive game for the intellect.

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