April 5, 2019

What Is Your Website Not
Doing For You Right Now?

Websites are necessary – they are a product of our time and the best way to demonstrate what a business has to offer – be it a service, a product, or any relevant information.  So it is no surprise that everyone is fighting for a nice piece of real estate on the good ol’ world-wide-web. But with website accessibility – platforms like squarespace, and wix, just about everyone can build a site.  The challenge is building the site well.

There is a certain psychology to designing a website.   Knowing how a viewer will read the site and interact with its offerings is not rocket science, but it does take a certain finesse.  An amazing website integrates three important components:

  • Navigability – a clear path for which viewers can browse the site, and find what they are looking for lickity split.  The right words, in the right place, must also be present to describe to the viewers what you are offering and why it is important to them.  
  • Technical Craftsmanship – the site must work, from all angles, to help people along the path of least resistance in finding what it is they need, or rather what it is you want them to find.
  • Visual Brilliance – it needs to be appealing to the eye.  A well laid out site that is technically sound is good. But a site with these elements AND is designed with an aesthetic consideration at heart is amazing!

So what is your website currently doing, or not doing, for you?  

If you are a business owner, it is the cornerstone to selling your product or services.  Maybe the products or services are on the page but not quite selling the way you hoped? To figure just why this is happening, it is imperative to take a step back.  Once people are on your site, a few things need to line up for the desired end result to occur.

First, it helps to define the problem that your target market might be having, and how it is you can help them solve it. If it seems like Marketing 101, it is.  But with the complexity of websites and the ability to build in so many features, it is easy for the real message to get lost.


Second, once you have convinced them that you can solve their problems, the customer needs to have that problem solved in some way, immediately.  Your audience needs to, with the greatest of ease, be able to either purchase your products, book your services, or contact you. Period. The least amount of clicks an individual has to make to get to the ‘buying’ point, the better.   If the path to this point is in any way hidden, confusing, or convoluted, you risk losing them in that moment.

Lastly, but just as important, your website must demonstrate these abilities with a functionality that reflects the personality of your brand.  This is key if you want your customers to remember who you are. Webpages are plentiful these days, so creating something that truly stands out can be a challenge at best.  A great design team and a concise branding vision can turn customers into lasting impressions.

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