April 26, 2019

lunch & learn

Level Up Your In-House Talent

@ Studio C&G Inc.’s Lunch and Learn

Have you ever wondered why some applications seemingly blow up overnight … only to Google it and get lost in a bunch of design mumbo jumbo? Get ready for this informative session where you’ll gain design insight about why some software applications make it big and the steps you can take to get there too. On April 26, 2019, business leaders, engineers, developers, and technology focused team members are invited to Studio C&G Inc.’s Lunch and Learn about the Essentials of User Experience Design For Normal-Ass Humans. In this one hour session, our UX Expert, Gabriel Wong, will teach attendees about the fundamentals of user experience design, taking it out of the design realm and into the real world. Topics for this talk include:

• Making design choices that matter to your users;

• Setting and managing user expectations;

• Communicating your message through movement and animation; and

• Decoding user engagement and creating something that sticks

Gabriel Wong, is a lot of things: founder and CEO of Studio C&G Inc., a UX X-to-theP-Expert, software engineer, developer, designer, and an all-around go getter. He also thinks that speaker bios are silly and don’t offer too much value to the reader. Come to the course, it’s time better spent.

Studio C&G Inc. is passionate about finding creative digital solutions for businesses that want to achieve their full potential. Established in 2016, Studio C&G specializes in user experience design and has worked with businesses in the fields of technology, software development, robotics, oil and gas, finance, and insurance.

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