May 23, 2019

The 5 Strategic Designs Small Businesses Must Have

Every business needs a brand, and every brand needs to be showcased as often as possible if it is going to be recognized.  If you have a small biz and you are trying to get it’s name out there for the world to see, focusing your efforts on the feel and look of your brand can be daunting.  We have put together a list for you of 5 strategic designs that are worth paying careful attention to!

 1. Business Cards – I think we are all awaiting the day that business cards are no longer a thing, but until that day arrives they remain a quintessential design tool.  There is nothing more satisfying than a beautifully designed business card, printed well, and handed to a potential customer or interested individual. They come with a classic feel that is attached to a personable feeling, which is why yours need to stand out.  Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to unique business card designs, and the right one will be a keeper to a recipient who can appreciate the craft!

 2. A Landing Page – Having an online presence that is clear, concise, on brand, and allows people to effortlessly reach out to you is an absolute necessity.  Whether they have been guided to your page through your business card, or the online powers that be, once they have arrived you have a short window to capture their attention.  Stick to your style, and keep it simple!

 3. A Proposal – This is an area many small businesses fall short on.  Whether you are writing a proposal to a potential client, partner, or even an investor, visual impressions are a must.  The last thing you want to do is submit a wall of text that has no visual appeal. Even the most compelling write-ups will have trouble getting deserved attention if they are without the proper setup and back drop to make them look amazing as well.  Up your professionalism, and your brand recognition, by considering the design aesthetic to be just as important as the quality of material you are presenting in your proposal

 4. Welcome and Thank You Cards – Many businesses neglect this simple yet sophisticated touch.  Your clients will remember you if you welcome them into your business family with a well designed card that approaches interactions with a personable impression.  Thank your clients and those you interact with in the same fashion. A card is simple, and certainly memorables. It shows that you go that you are never to busy to consider those around you as individuals worthy of a little extra special recognition (and, it is one more thing you can put your logo on).

 5. Delivery – Much in the same way you don’t want a proposal to fall flat of aesthetics, pretty much any content that you hand to a client or interested party should come with an attention to detail that will impress and set you apart from the competition.  So whether it is a letter, a blog post, a collection of images, or really anything, make your deliverables stand out in the way they are actually delivered.

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