May 16, 2019

The Quick Guide to Building Kick-Ass Customer Experience

Making your customer’s day better is top priority.  Whatever product it is you are offering ideally contributes to making their life easier and solving their problems.  How you guide and serve them is what makes your business tick, so customer experience is paramount. Here are 3 quick steps that will help you up your customer experience game, providing the best experience you have to offer!

1. Take a moment to clearly define how your technology – app, software, website – improves your target market’s day to day operations.  There should be something (or many things) that you do better than anyone else that will enhance the lives of your customers, what is it?  The point behind tech development is to make life easier for people, cutting unnecessary and tedious tasks out of a human’s hands and taking care of the grunt work with ease.  If you can focus on the efficiency your product creates and the primary purpose for its existence, you are one step closer to communicating that intent to the world.

2. Once you have concisely identified how it is you make your customers lives easier, you can develop the product to be more intuitive for them to use.  Consider the user experience from absolutely every angle. While your app or software might be a product meant to simplify your customers livesfe, there is still a learning curve when it comes to any new tech.  With this in mind, it is your job to ease that learning curve as much as possible. View your product from their perspective, what will make it easiest to use, and how can you give them the tools to succeed with it?  You have to train the user by providing them with the means to learn intuitively. It is no small task, and over time will need to be constantly refined. Contemplate visual tools like consistency. Is there a method of interacting with your app or software that can be applied to multiple stages of use.  If the user has to learn an element to use your product, make sure that element applies in multiple stages and across the board. Perhaps create a list of interaction rules, and make sure that they can be applied in all circumstances. It might seem complicated to achieve from the creators end, but it will make the user experience far more streamlined resulting in a successful product.  

3. Take that user experience one step further, and be open to change. Seek feedback and then act on what you learn.  The only way to create an impeccable product, is to refine over and over again. The only way to make positive refinements is to be honest with yourself about what is going wrong.  There is such a large bank of tools available to us to help reveal where problems lie and how to make systems operate better. Use your metrics, look at them often, analyse the results, and make methodical adjustments to improve your product.  Don’t respond to what one person says, but instead take objective standpoints when looking at the data that supports facts that are brought to light. Changes should never be made without a solid foundation of reason to back it up, and that foundation must come from a valid collection of data that points undisputedly in one direction. Identify pain points, validate them with data, then make calculated changes to correct them.  The hard work and tedious attention to detail will pay off.

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