May 17, 2019

There’s Graphic Design, and Graphic Design that Kicks A$$

It might feel like these days the technology is at your fingertips to create pieces of graphic art with ease.  You have a project that requires some graphic design elements, so why not hop online and figure it out yourself.  

There is a massive distinction between professional graphic design work and the stuff you can do yourself on canva.  Let’s face it – the availability of graphic designers is at an all time high and so the price range can vary a staggering amount.

It helps to think of graphic design sort of like food. You might be able to pull something off at home, if you are on the fly, perhaps scrambled eggs or a microwave dinner. If you are inclined to learn more and enjoy cooking, you might put the time in one afternoon to making a nicer meal to serve your family or friends. If you want a meal that is mind blowing, you are going to go to a well reviewed restaurant.  On the surface, it feels like food is just food, so why spend the extra money? We all know that the restaurant meal is more than just food, however. It is an experience, one that has been curated by someone who truly knows what they are doing.

Graphic design is very much the same. At first glance, it might be hard to tell from the untrained eye if the work is done by a serious professional, or someone just off of Fiverr.  Well done design has depth. It can be complicated in its simplicity, and its creator knows how to consider more than just the visual.

Well achieved graphic design contemplates the audience.  It incorporates a history of knowledge into what works and what doesn’t and combines it with the personality of the entity it is being designed for. Technical execution is a must, but beyond that are honed skills in a creative mind that knows how to translate a message into a visual appeal.  The message has to be clear and concise, and to do that with a visual outside of the ease of words is like designing a language each and every time. If words are being used, there is so much more involved than just using them. There is a genius in font creativity, arrangement, and the overall uniqueness to an aesthetic.  All of it combined is a complicated process that produces that exact perfect creation that identifies with the target.

Now we have the wheels turning, you might be thinking “I need a good graphic designer for my next project.”  Good thing we have you covered. Hit us up to see how we can help you to deliver the message you need to get out.  Guaranteed, you will be impressed.

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