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How do I know if this is right for me?
If you’re a human and your customers use the internet, we are probably a good fit for you. Specifically though, our customers tend to be:

  • Strategists who are open to our suggestions and trust we will do what it takes to help their business grow;
  • Commanders committed to getting shit done and are excited about a fresh new start;
  • Business leaders who don’t have the time to DIY their way through WordPress, Adobe XD, Copywriting, etc;
  • Visionaries transforming their business and who need their ideas manifested and validated.
Are there any extra fees I should know about?
Any fees that we incur on your behalf (ie. Purchasing your domain name, purchasing stock images, etc) are not included unless otherwise agreed upon, and will be billed back to you without markup. Anything we help you purchase is 100% yours.
What if I don't have any images or copy right now?
When building your site or marketing materials, we’ll insert placeholders for your images and some basic copy, and you can send us the photos and the words you’d like to use when you have them. If you like the images you see, we can purchase them on your behalf. We also have a copywriter who can carry your business’ voice across the internet.
I've got a site already, can't you just update that?
In our experience, websites are always best when they’re given the chance for a fresh start. Our approach is to build you something amazing from the ground up. Not only do you get a kickass site without the baggage of the old one, we can guarantee that your site will be able to grow with your business.
I’ve never worked with an agency before, what can I expect?
Working with us will be an experience that always puts your business and consumers first. We are a lively team of experts that work alongside you to create the best strategy and designs for the next exciting phase of your business.
Do you offer any packages if I decide on more than one service?
Absolutely! Please contact us for a consultation and we’ll help you figure out the best solution for your business needs!
How involved am I in decision making?
Your business follows your vision, and we see ourselves as teammates to help you strategize, produce, and implement that vision. You will always have the final call on anything that we help you create. Ultimately, we are here for you to support you; we want your business to grow as much as you do!
What exactly does Studio C & G do?
You can call us the one stop idea manifestation shop. Here is a list of the services we specialize in, and reach out if you have any questions!

  • Super fun and engaging design workshops that define and visualize your most pressing online challenges
  • Field-tested prototypes that result in impactful user feedback and design backed by science
  • Custom-built, online solutions for your ecommerce, corporate, professional, or personal website
  • Partnerships with Calgary’s best development firm for your custom applications.
  • Partnerships with marketing company to bring you from product to market shares.
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