Free “Get online” Consult

Hey, How Are You Doing? Stressed? Trying to find a way forward? Thinking that there aren’t enough expletives to accurately describe it? Well, you’re not alone.
This week, book a 1-hour FREE consult with us and learn how to get you online & social fast so you can keep your business going.

COVID-19 has affected businesses everywhere, and the impact of the Internet in keeping everyone connected and businesses in business has never been more pronounced.

Here at Studio C&G, we’ve been thinking of creative ways that we can help your business get through these unprecedented times. After all, even though customers may be social distancing, they’re still looking to keep connected online.

This week, we’ve been thinking about how to get you online & social fast so you can keep your business going.

The 1 hour free consult

Some of you may be familiar with or have gone through a design sprint with us: a 5 day-intensive where we work together to understand what your business is, who your clients are, and how a website can really enhance that experience. At the end of the first five days, you get a working prototype that’s been user tested and ready to be built in the following five days.

While a full design sprint might not fit into your budget right now, we’re offering a high-level consultation incorporating elements from our design sprint process completely free and as an added bonus, we’re now incorporating social media into the mix! After this one hour consultation, you’ll have a tailored checklist of actionable steps that you can do in the next 10 days to take your in-person, brick-and-mortar experience online with not only your website but your social media presence (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)!


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