TY Insurance

Competition is fierce in any B2C industry, but when what you’re selling is not as exciting as a sporty race car or tickets to a hot concert, competition can be downright murderous. Standing out from the sea of same same means staying focused on who you are as a company, and making sure that every part of your brand aligns to that focus. For TY Insurance, standing out from the competition was about highlighting a their key differentiator: an insurance brokerage that was about needs, not numbers. From there, we created a brand identity fuelled by TY Insurance’s focus on people, service, and truly being there for their clients. For Star Valley Drilling, this meant helping them show off how much they’ve grown, while preserving the elements of their business that remain meaningful today. We started with a logo and colour that carried through to their business cards and website for a distinct, Star Valley Drilling look.


A video is worth a million words, and we are proud to present their evolution below!

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